iSCAPE partners of the University of Surrey, Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE) joined forces with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras to stage the third Indian International Conference on Air Quality Management (IICAQM) which took place on 6 to 7 December in Chennai, India.

The IICAQM 2018 Conference provided an important platform for finding answers to the threat of urban air pollution, bringing together over 50 academics, scientists, engineers and researchers from across the world to share their experiences and research in the field of air quality management.

iSCAPE partner Professor Prashant Kumar, Chair in Air Quality and Health and the founding Director of GCARE, gave a talk on ‘Insights into air pollution emission sources and mitigation measures’ as well as chairing a number of sessions and facilitating discussions around affordable sensors for urban air quality management.

The conference also gave the opportunity to give an overview of the iSCAPE green infrastructure solutions as well as the Smart Citizen Kits being developed and trialled through the project.