The Living Lab Knowledge Package provides practical guidance on the implementation of a Living Lab or citizen science activities against Air Pollution. You find the different parts of the package below.

The iSCAPE Playbook

This playbook is for anyone interested in the Living Lab concept, and its collaborative approach for tackling urban and environmental issues. Ahead, you will learn about the iSCAPE Living Labs journey taken over the past three years, and we’ll share necessary tools and lessons learned in making invisible air pollution, more tangible to citizens and city stakeholders.

The Playbook can be found here: iSCAPE_Playbook_Online (pdf 8.7 MB)


The iSCAPE Living Lab game

Serious gaming and game theory are great ways to stimulate collaboration, deal with societal challenges and raise awareness about contemporary environmental challenges
in a creative and engaging way.

We developed the iSCAPE Living Lab Game to communicate our learnings, methodologies, the individual Living Lab stories and, of course, to have some fun. The game is an engaging summary of the many informative reports we created over the last few years, and will hopefully help you and other players to understand the iSCAPE project in a playful way.

The game can be found here:

NOTE: the cards need to be printed on A4 (double sided) and the Game board on A3.


CITIZEN SCIENCE GUIDE – A guide created for the iSCAPE Living Labs

After implementing the iSCAPE Citizen Science framework in six European cities it was decided to adjust the content slightly to be used by everyone (e.g. Living Labs, community groups, SME’s and local authorities) who wants to work/explore low-cost air quality sensors and citizen science methodologies. This guide provides a brief introduction to Citizen Science as well as a comprehensive step-by-step structure for two connected Citizen Science workshops covering everything from finding the right space and reaching out to citizens, to delivering the workshops and planning next steps for citizen-led solutions to environmental problems.

The iSCAPE Citizen Science Guide can be downloaded from here (pdf, 4.2 MB)

The Living Lab Guidebook for Cities fighting against Air Pollution

The “Living Lab Guidebook for Cities fighting against Air Pollution” is a guide that has been developed to showcase and benchmark the outcomes, experiences and lessons learnt of the six iSCAPE Living Labs. It includes the results of the quadruple helix approach used to bridge knowledge, environment and technology to tackle air pollution in collaboration with local government, industry, academia and local communities. The book includes a series of actionable recommendations and it is intended to spread the iSCAPE message, methods and solutions for other cities to follow. It aims to create more sustainable: collaborative & people-centred; resilient & strategic; aware & healthy; smart & techy; and less polluted cities.

The Living Lab Guidebook for Cities fighting against Air Pollution can be accessed here.

The Living Lab Tips & Tricks cards

The “Living Lab Guidebook for Cities fighting against Air Pollution” contains a deck of 20 Tips & Trick cards to inspire and challenge cities to create a Living Lab. The Tips & Tricks cards can be downloaded here.

UNaLab and iSCAPE webinars access here