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Online Link:

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Online Link:

Abhijith, K. V., Kumar, P., Gallagher, J., McNabola, A., Baldauf, R., Pilla, F., … & Pulvirenti, B. (2017). Air pollution abatement performances of green infrastructure in open road and built-up street canyon environments–A review. Atmospheric Environment, 162, 71-86.
Online Link:

Kathryn M. Shaneyfelt, Andrew R. Anderson, Prashant Kumar, William F. Hunt III, 2017. Air quality considerations for stormwater green street design. Environmental Pollution 231, Pages 768-778.
You can download a PDF of the accepted version of the article here.

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You can download a PDF of the accepted version of the article here.

Valmassoia, A., Gharbiaa, S., Stibe, S., Di Sabatino, S., Pilla, F., 2017. Future Impacts of the Reforestation Policy on the atmospheric parameters: a sensitivity study over Ireland. Procedia Computer Science, Volume 109, Pages 367–375
Online link:
You can download a PDF of the article here.

Abhijith, K.V., Kumar, P., Gallagher, J., McNabola, A., Baldauf, R., Pilla, F., Broaderick, B., Di Sabatino, S., Pulvirenti, B., 2017. Air Pollution Abatement Performances of Green Infrastructure in Open Road and Built-up Street Canyon Environments – A Review. Atmospheric Environment, Volume 162, Pages 71–86
Online link:
You can download a PDF of the article here.

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