iSCAPE gets a mention in the Wall Street Journal through the work undertaken by Pureti (part of the iSCAPE Consortium)

The Wall Street Journal article “A Condo Façade That Cleans Itself—and the Air Around It” (28 May 2018) offers an overview of the technology developed by Pureti and the first residential application at 570 Broome Street in Manhattan, a 54-unit apartment tower where the Pureti-treated façade is currently being installed.

As mentioned in the article the façade-cladding treatment involves titanium dioxide nanoparticles being sprayed onto the components of the building’s exterior. When ultraviolet rays hit the treated surface, they set off chemical processes that burn away grime and convert contaminants such as nitrogen dioxide into nontoxic minerals and water vapor. The result: a self-cleaning structure that also cleanses the air around it.

The full article can be found on the Wall Street Journal website – here

PICTURE: A rendering of 570 Broome in Manhattan which will incorporate Pureti’s self-cleaning, air-purifying façade. Illustration: Builtd/SOM