GCARE Members from the University of Surrey presented iSCAPE research work at the IAPSC conference on 22 November at Telford, UK

The Investigation of Air Pollution Standing Conference (IAPSC) is a non-statutory consultative body providing a forum for discussion and information exchange, on air pollution and related issues. IAPSC´s original role was to help in the co-ordination of collaborative air quality monitoring, and the analysis of data resulting from investigations carried out principally by local and central government. Participants includedUK Local and Government Departments, organisations concerned with planning, pollution control and environmental health, public and private industry, universities and colleges, as well as consultants in the field of air pollution.

The conference had a session dedicated on ‘green infrastructure and air pollution’. The conference organisers invited Professor Prashant Kumar to share iSCAPE findings on this topic. The team members KV Abhijith and Arvind Tiwari presented the work titled as: “Green infrastructure and near-road air quality: Findings from the iSCAPE project” on behalf of Professor Kumar. In addition, conference discussed challenges associated with sensor technologies and public engagement strategies which are relevant to iSCAPE.

The presentation can be found here