The Global Centre for Clean Air Research at the University of Surrey, in close cooperation with Guildford Borough Council, has recently deployed two low-cost air quality sensor units at the outskirts of Stoke Park, Guildford. This work is part of Guildford Living Lab under the iSCAPE project. The research is targeted at measuring the influence of the hedge on the air pollution concentration in the vicinity of Stoke Road. This work follows the previous work recently published by GCARE team lead by Professor Prashant Kumar on this topic, but this time via long-term simultaneous measurements inside and outside the park via sensor technology. This work is important taking into consideration that the hedge can act as a natural filtering barriers and screening the children’s’ playground in Stoke Park from the harmful fumes from the cars at Stoke Road. The two sensors measures the chemical species carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Ozone (O3) plus atmospheric particles of different sizes (PM1, PM2.5and PM10). The data are measured every minute to gain high spatial resolution in the measurements. The air quality monitors are what is called “low-cost” sensors, and thus does not constitute regulatory grade instruments. The sensors will be in Stoke Park for six months to measure the seasonal variation. The measurements from the sensors can be accessed on for the station outside the park, and for the station inside the park.

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